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Gat St. Corridor after Commercial Landscaping Installation

As the largest and most comprehensive provider of commercial landscape builds and maintenance services in Central Ohio, EMI can handle all aspects of your project scope as well as ongoing management of your site. EMI has been awarded bids from ODOT, city/state government plans, medical facilities and Class A office parks and apartment/condo settings – just to name a few.

Our frequent project partnerships often stem from trusted relationships with construction companies, civil engineers, excavators, city planners and landscape architect firms. We also support local product partners in our project work by utilizing Central Ohio vendors for all our material and supply needs. We employ a number of environmentally sensitive methods in our work. Click to learn more. This helps keep our processes energy and time efficient.

RFQ Processes

If you’d like to submit an RFQ for EMI to evaluate, please call our office so you can be put in touch with the correct team member.

You may also access our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) library for reference.

Reno Commercial Landscaping Installation in progress

Do You Have Renovation Needs?

Properties can easily become untended over the years—often due to poor or outdated design and material usage. We work to create landscapes that are easier to maintain while also working to increase the property’s value and enhances “curb appeal.” Let our staff of professional Landscape Architects survey your property and suggest improvements to your site, including:

  • Creative Incorporation of New Structures/Plantings into the Existing Landscape
  • Replacement/Repair of Outdated or Dilapidated Structures
  • Removal of Older Plantings Not Suited to the Proposed Landscape Environment

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