Frequently Asked Questions

Design & Build (Commercial)

We recommend seasonal color and tailoring plant styles to the season as the best areas for an easy refresh. Read about our Seasonal Display Services.

We handle spring start ups/inspections, and then perform 3 seasonal checks. In October, we winterize for you. Read about our Irrigation Services

Our plant design experts can help you to vary the types, colors and seasonal plantings based on your environment. Read about our Design Services.

We recommend mowing dictations based on your type of grass and the time of year. Read about our Maintenance Services and Landscape Recommendations

Only when a pest is present. Read about our IPM Program.

We recommend about three per year. Check out our Landscape Calendar.

Commercial Maintenance/Installs

Our crews are trained to prepare a service receipt for your signing at the close of work (if someone is available to sign)

Yes. Ask Our Specialists to discuss your needs with a landscape architect. Read about our Design/Build Services.
Always, YES, there is a crew leader on site at every project.
Always, YES, they are very recognizable (and friendly!)
Yes—these products are available as well as IPM Services.
YES, we have a program in place to break their cycles and prevent nesting. Ask Our Specialists to discuss your needs.

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Ask one of our specialists!