Landscape Calendar • December

Plan for November & December

Services Performed

Calendar - December - Seasonal
  • Spring Bulb Installation – This process can continue through late fall, pending seasonal conditions.

  • Turf Application (Round 5) – Late Fall Application- Fertilization for root development.

  • Contract Renewals – Talk to EMI about renewing your arrangements for next year’s snow removal & annual maintenance schedule.

  • Fountains Winterized – Make sure this gets done before temperatures are consistently cold enough to cause damage to your system and features.

  • Holiday Displays (Planters & Lighting) – Winter displays and container plantings of mixed evergreen, boxwood, juniper, red-twig dogwood and curly willow. We will install and decorate live or faux Christmas trees, indoor and outdoor wreaths and garland as well as indoor and outdoor lighting displays.

  • Snow – snow removal and salt applications based on client contract and level of service.

Upcoming Items

Calendar - December - Prune
  • Snow– Snow removal and salt applications continue as needed per client contract and level of service. A, B, or C services are determined by client need.

  • Dormant Pruning– general dormant pruning of shrubbery as needed. Now is an ideal time to complete structural pruning of lilac, burning bush and viburnum to reduce overall height and to promote flush growth in the spring. We recycle all pruning for eventual recycling for creation of mulch.

  • Tree Pruning– now is an ideal time to do any necessary tree pruning, thinning, dead wooding and clearing braches from buildings.