As summer draws to a close, this is a great time to take a look at your trees to see if any of them are showing signs of stress. Dead branches, discolored leaves or patchy spots on leaves are some of the signs that your tree may be in need of attention. Stress, left unattended in trees, can result in damage or reduced growth and decline. Eventually, the affected trees will start to look unsightly. They may lose branches, decline over a period of time and die.

The causes of stresses in trees are quite varied. They may be acute and result from such things as storms, construction damage or wounds. Tree stress can also be gradual, incremental and build over time. Such chronic stress factors include, excess moisture or drought and poor soil conditions that deprive the tree of nutrition.

As in humans, stress in trees makes them more susceptible to disease and to harm from insects and parasites. A periodic check-up is the best way to make sure your trees remain healthy and enhance the beauty of your property for years to come. Most stress causing factors can be remedied with early identification, before the tree begins to show signs of significant stress-related damage.

One of our certified arborists will come out and conduct an onsite inspection of your trees, make an evaluation and suggest treatments and effective solutions. If it’s an issue that can be treated we will offer a suitable treatment plan. If replacement seems like the best option, we will offer a plan to do so. Our goal is always to prevent damage and disease and to preserve your trees. Replacement can sometimes be the only option for badly affected or damaged trees. If that is the only option we will work with our clients to get the necessary zoning requirements met and the tree replacements approved.

Are your trees stressed?  How can you find out and what can you do to ensure their longevity?