Joe Lewis, EMI

By Lindsey Getz

Coming to a commercial landscaping career from the Marines, Joe Lewis, account manager for Environmental Management Inc. (EMI), based in Plain City, Ohio, has found more crossovers than he ever imagined. His experience and training in his career in the Marines gave him effective training tools to use at EMI. And that’s important, as Lewis believes effective training in commercial landscaping can lead to better retention and ultimately help with the labor crisis. The National Association of Landscape Professionals recently caught up with Lewis to find out more.

“My proudest moment at EMI is when we earned the Landscape Industry Accredited Company certification. That certification says we don’t just do good work but that we’re safe, we’re professional and we operate our business responsibly. Simply put, we’re one of the elite few that have earned it. That makes me really proud of this company and its people.”