Discussing your Seasonal Color vision with your Account Manager in November and December is the best way to guarantee beautiful summer flowers!

EMI Landscapes
November 17, 2022

Summer Annuals at The Country Club at Muirfield Village

Summer Annuals at The Country Club at Muirfield Village

Looking for ideas to make your property stand out? Beautiful flower displays are the best way to differentiate you from your neighbors and competitors. Bright colors and textures dramatically increase curb appeal which attracts new clients and tenants and shows that the property is well-maintained. Seasonal flowers can create a peaceful environment while also drawing your eye away from potential property blemishes like utility boxes, air conditioning units, and many more.

EMI’s Summer Flower Process

May Installation at Columbus Commons

Poolside Planters at Grandview Yard

Poolside Planters at Grandview Yard

Why do we want to start the discussion in November and December? Summer flowers require months of planning. Most of the plants we install are specifically grown for each customer. The nurseries require seeds to be planted in January to ensure the plants are large enough to be installed in May. Mother’s Day marks the beginning of install season so we can avoid any possibility of your young plants being decimated by frost.

Planting in May allows for better root establishment which will lead to beautiful blooms throughout the summer months and deep into fall. For clients who don’t choose to purchase fall flowers, summer flower varieties must be chosen with longevity in mind. For these clients, in particular, early planning is essential.


Tilling and Fertilization

Here at EMI we have a Seasonal Color Department with two dedicated full-time flower managers. This team installs and maintains spring, summer, and fall flowers while also organizing seasonal and holiday displays.

With decades of experience, our flower team takes into account soil conditions, sunlight, drainage, and maintenance requirements to select the species that will thrive on your property. For returning customers, we focus on rotating species so that our clients get variety as well as prevent disease and pathogens in the soil.

Topical Flower Installation

In Spring our crews will prep the soil with deep tilling and high-quality, slow-release fertilizer. Some new sites may require the addition of compost material to add nutrients and volume to the beds while breaking up heavy clay soil to allow your investment to thrive all summer! Once installed, we perform weekly, monthly, or by-request evaluations to ensure the plants are receiving the correct nutrients to thrive. During this time, we pull weeds and address any issues that may arise.

To differentiate yourself even further, the addition of large tropical flowers like elephant ears and exotic palms can offer unique, exotic beauty. EMI utilizes tropical flowers on a huge scale. Canna lilies, Palms, Philodendron, Alocasia, and other species can thrive in the hot Ohio summer and look amazing!

Our ordering deadline has been extended to December 15th. So now is the ideal time to reach out to your EMI Account Manager to start planning for warmer weather. Planning in the winter allows us to customize your landscape and make you stand out from your competitors. Give us a call today!

Columbus Commons

Grandview Yard

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