Landscape Calendar • August

Plan for August

Services Performed

Calendar - August - Irrigation
    • Mowing & Edging – Continued as needed per the seasonal conditions.

    • Maintenance to Annuals & Perennials – Continued as needed to keep your plants healthy through the end of the growing season.

    • Bed Weed Control/Vegetation Control Continued – Evaluated and treated if needed.

    • Fall Color Preparation – Fall color displays and container plantings of mums, decorative cabbage and pansy. Seasonal displays with hay bales, pumpkins, scare crows. Whatever the size of your project, we can meet your needs.

    • Irrigation Monitoring – It is a good idea to check-in after a season’s work to ensure all is functioning properly prior to winterization.

  • Integrated Pest Management – Our IPM practices wrap up in August with a final evaluation to help plan for next season.

Upcoming Items

Calendar - August - Lawn
  • Lawn Aeration – Ask our experts if your lawn could benefit from this process this time of year.

  • Shrub Pruning (Round 2) – General pruning of all shrubs is continued. Contour, shear or hand prune to remove current season’s growth.

  • Tree/Shrub Application (Round 3) – General pruning of all shrubs. Contour, shear or hand prune to remove current season’s growth.

  • Turf Application (Round 4 ) – Fall Application- Fertilization/Broadleaf Weed Control.

  • Pond/Fountain Inspections – Treat water quality at summer’s end if needed.