Landscape Calendar • September

Plan for September

Services Performed

Calendar - September - Prune
  • Mowing & Edging – Continued as needed per the seasonal conditions.

  • Lawn Aeration – Ask our experts if your lawn could benefit from this process this time of year.

  • Shrub Pruning (Round 2) – General pruning of all shrubs is continued. Contour, shear or hand prune to remove current season’s growth.

  • Tree/Shrub Application (Round 3) – general pruning of all shrubs. Contour, shear or hand prune to remove current season’s growth

  • Turf Application (Round 4 ) – Fall Application- Fertilization/Broadleaf Weed Control.

  • Pond/Fountain Inspections – treat water quality at summer’s end if needed.

Upcoming Items

Calendar - September - Fall
  • Fall Clean Up – Make sure you are prepared for leaf clean up.

  • Irrigation System Winterization – Irrigation system blow-out and winterization

  • Snow – Plan for snow removal and salt application services. Ask about our maintenance plans.

  • Contract Renewals (Snow Removal & Maintenance)

  • Spring Bulb Installation – This process can begin as early as October, pending seasonal conditions.