Landscape Calendar • October

Plan for October

Services Performed

Calendar - October - Leaves
  • Mowing & Edging – Continued as needed per the seasonal conditions.

  • Fall Cleanup – Leaves, more leaves… they all help build up our compost!

  • Seasonal Displays – Container plantings of mums, decorative cabbage and other options are available for fall color coordination. EMI will prepare seasonal displays to whatever size of project meets your needs.

  • Spring Bulb Installation – This process can begin as early as October, pending seasonal conditions.

  • Irrigation System Winterization – Irrigation system blow-out and winterization.

Upcoming Items

Calendar - October - Fountains
  • Turf Application (Round 5) – Late Fall Application- Fertilization for root development

  • Contract Renewals – Talk to EMI about renewing your arrangements for next year’s snow removal & annual maintenance schedule.

  • Fountains Winterized – Make sure this gets done before temperatures are consistently cold enough to cause damage to your system and features.

  • Holiday Displays (Planters & Lighting) – Winter displays and container plantings of mixed evergreen, boxwood, juniper, red-twig dogwood and curly willow. We will install and decorate live or faux Christmas trees, indoor and outdoor wreaths and garland as well as indoor and outdoor lighting displays.

  • Snow – snow removal and salt applications based on client contract and level of service needed.