Landscape Calendar • February

Plan for February

Services Performed

Calendar - February
  • Contract Renewals – Now is a good time to meet with your EMI Sales Representative to review your maintenance needs for the upcoming year and complete your contract so we can start on your maintenance work as needed. Our Sales Representatives have the landscape and horticultural background to evaluate your property and come up with a plan that meets your needs and to create the look that you want for your property.

  • Snow – Removal and salt applications based on client contract and timing appropriateness. We have various service offerings as determined by each client’s need.

  • Dormant Pruning – general dormant pruning of shrubbery as needed. Now is an ideal time to complete structural pruning of lilac, burning bush and viburnum to reduce overall height and to promote flush growth in the spring. We recycle all pruning for eventual recycling for creation of mulch.

  • Tree Pruning – now is an ideal time to do any necessary tree pruning, thinning, dead wooding and clearing branches from buildings.

  • Spring Preparations – now is a good time to cut back dead perennials, remove any fall leaves and clean-up the site in preparation for spring mulching. EMI wants to ensure that your site is clean and neat for the upcoming season.

Upcoming Items

Calendar - February - Spring Color
  • Shrub / Tree Application (Round 1 – Dormant Oil) – Preventative care for your trees and shrubs is important for the overall health of the plants. Also, ask about our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to ensure that the proper care is taken at the right time of the year with the right resources.

  • Spring Color – Be thinking about spring color such as pansy, forsythia, heath. Color can highlight signage or building entries. Let our EMI Seasonal Color designer create a special for your beds or specialty pots.

  • Bed Edging – We’ll edge all planting beds and tree rings in lawn areas. Spade or mechanically edge beds for a clean crisp look. Edging also creates a true edge for holding mulch in the bed. We recycle all of our edgings for compost.

  • Bed Pre-Emergent Weed Control – when mulching your property it is important to apply a granular weed barrier prior to mulching that ensures no weed seed germination in the early spring growth cycle. Talk to your EMI sale representative about this service.

  • Bed Weed Control – Weed control in your landscape beds is very important for a clean, well maintained site. Our maintenance crews ensure that your site is weed free during all growing seasons by hand weeding and applications of herbicidal sprays as needed to keep weeds at bay.