Landscape Calendar • June

Plan for June & July

Services Performed

Calendar - June, July - Fall
  • Mowing, Edging & Brush Mowing – Where areas require less mowing or meadow conditions, we mow these parts as needed to provide a consistent look for the season.

  • Shrub Pruning (Round 1 ) – General pruning of all shrubs with contour, shear or hand prune to remove current season’s growth.

  • Irrigation System Monitoring – We provide seasonal monitoring of your irrigation systems to be sure that it is running at optimal levels. Depending on your needs we will do a mid-season check or checks and run the system to evaluate coverage, adjust irrigation heads and clock adjustments as needed.

  • Weed & Vegetation Control – These processes are continued if needed.

  • Pond/Fountain Inspections – Water evaluations continued and treated if needed.

  • Turf Application (Round 3) – Summer Fertilization/Weed control.

  • Flower Care – We continue seasonal flower care of your annual installation. Weekly or bi-weekly maintenance of your flower beds. Weeding, fertilization, dead heading and watering as needed to keep your seasonal color beds fresh and healthy.

  • Pavement Vegetation Control – Weekly or bi-weekly herbicidal sprays on your paved surfaces, edges at buildings and curbs.

Upcoming Items

Calendar - June, July - Shrubs
  • Fall Color Preparation – Fall color displays and container plantings of mums, decorative cabbage and pansies are a great way to refresh for the upcoming season—think hay bales, pumpkins, scare crows. Whatever the size of your project, we can meet your needs.

  • Irrigation Monitoring – It is a good idea to check-in after a season’s work to ensure all is functioning properly prior to winterization.

  • Integrated Pest Management – Our IPM practices wrap up in August with a final evaluation to help plan for next season.