Grandview Yard Case Study

NALP Gold Award Winner Commercial LANDSCAPING Maintenance 2023

Grandview Yard Award of Excellence National Association of Landscape Professionals

Grandview Yard

Columbus, OH

Remarks: Setting the standard for sustainable and environmentally conscious urban development.

Grandview Yard is a sprawling 125-acre urban neighborhood, setting the standard for sustainable and environmentally conscious urban development. Recognized as the largest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Neighborhood Development site in the nation, it offers a diverse array of commercial businesses, dining establishments, hotels, grocery stores, and luxury urban living spaces.

Grandview Yard

We began working at this site in 2020 and our services have grown to include all commercial landscaping maintenance, irrigation, flowers, and snow removal. Our dedicated team is committed to enhancing the beauty and sustainability of Grandview Yard. We focus on creating and maintaining stunning green spaces that integrate sustainable environmental design principles.

Key Project Highlights:

Seasonal Floral Displays: At Grandview Yard, our Seasonal Color seizes a special opportunity to exercise creativity by crafting one-of-a-kind floral designs that incorporate a diverse range of plant species. The entire site receives 460 flats of summer flowers and 326 flats of fall flowers each year. Succession planting ensures a continuous burst of color throughout the year. In addition to the large beds, 35 planters are dispersed throughout the property with each business receiving a unique display to match their aesthetic. We also create harvest and winter displays to add to the holiday spirit.

Maintaining Turf Areas: Residents enjoy almost 23 acres of carefully maintained green spaces throughout the property. Pet and pedestrian damage is a regular challenge to maintaining the area. Repairs are made throughout the year and fall aeration and overseeding is used to reestablish stressed turf.

Tree and Shrub Care: Approximately 3,000 trees adorn the property, receiving regular pruning, edging, and the annual application of nearly 1,000 yards of mulch. Pruning is a huge undertaking at this site. We do three rounds taking approximately 400 hours each to maintain the health and support the growth of shrubs and perennials.

Green Space Maintenance: Grandview Yard primarily consists of buildings and concrete structures, and in our effort to integrate nature into this urban landscape, we diligently maintain the patios and common areas of various businesses. Additionally, we add greenery to the parking garages, with ivy that requires specialized aerial equipment for trimming and maintenance.

Complex Irrigation: The site encompasses an impressive 830 irrigation zones, boasting around 20,000 heads and an extensive 4-mile drip system. Maintaining such a complex irrigation network necessitates the presence of a dedicated full-time irrigation technician on-site.

Grandview Yard

Snow Removal Excellence: Grandview Yard has a zero-tolerance contract for snow. Because of this, we have 50 dedicated people working in alternating shifts to maintain safety and a high level of quality. These teams cover almost 800k sf of asphalt, 150k sf of parking decks and 500k sf of sidewalks during snow events. The crews utilize 25+ pieces of equipment including Ventracs, blowers, UTVs, and more. Since the sidewalks are primarily pavers, we use special equipment and different deicers to prevent damage. We also rely on custom-made brine throughout the site as a more environmentally friendly alternative to salt.

Grandview Yard is a breathtaking multi-use property where our maintenance team skillfully tackles diverse challenges. Our commitment ensures the creation of a beautiful space that residents, businesses, and visitors can enjoy year-round.

Grandview Yard