Jose Armando Ortega Pablo passed away in June 2019. Jose’s lifelong goal was to study and work hard to set a good example for his siblings and express gratitude for all his parents had done for him. Throughout his life, Jose worked tirelessly to achieve his goal. At the time of his passing he had successfully completed two years at Otterbein University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

Here at EMI, we enjoyed Jose’s positive attitude and work ethic. He approached every challenge and task with enthusiasm. He also encouraged others to pursue their dreams, as he was doing.

We want to honor and remember him by continuing his dream. To do so, we have established the EMI, Jose Armando Ortega Pablo Scholarship fund.

This $1000 annual scholarship will be awarded to (4) deserving persons that embody the same enthusiasm for having a positive and lasting impact on people and the environment.

  1. $2k scholarship distributed over two years. Awarded in the spring, distributed in the fall. Up to 4scholarships awarded each year. Total yearly scholarship award not to exceed $1k for each participate.
  2. Funded by ongoing EMSI, operations. No external donations allowed.
  3. Considerations when making award may include the following:
    1. Current GPA
    2. Must be enrolled or accepted into an industry specific program working towards accreditation. Must be a graduating HS senior or collegiate Freshman or sophomore.
    3. Open to any interested party residing in Ohio, not just EMSI employees.
    4. Demonstrated financial need.
    5. Community involvement.
    6. Work experience.
    7. Extracurricular activities.
    8. Personal recommendations
  4. Selection committee/Advisory board minimum of 3 to 5 people.
  5. com entry point for applicants, scholarship landing page.
  6. Applications must be received no later than January 31st and awards will be made by March 31st.