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Joe Lewis, EMI

How to Choose a Landscape Apprentice

EMI Landscape

As NALP’s Landscape Management Apprenticeship Program™ has continued to gain traction with companies across the country signing on, there has been increased interest in how to choose the right people to participate in the program. Many companies are starting out with a small number of apprentices—often two or three—to see how it goes but are looking for the best ways to make that selection. They want to know: How do I choose the right apprentice?



EMI Landscape

Coming to the lawn and Landscape industry from the Marines, Joe Lewis, account manager for Environmental Management Inc. (EMI), based in Plain City, Ohio, has found more crossovers than he ever imagined.

disease is killing beech trees

What is killing beech trees?

EMI Landscape

You can recognize a beech tree by its smooth, gray bark. Many kids and teenagers have carved their initials or hearts in the large smooth trunks of these trees. Beech trees are moderately hollow and provide safe homes for various wildlife, including raccoons, opossums, and squirrels. Various animals like to eat their small, triangular nuts. Beech trees are native of the eastern United States and southeastern Canada.

community gardens / apartment landscaping in the city

Does your apartment offer these lifestyle amenities?

EMI Landscape

If you live in Columbus or the surrounding areas you could not have missed the prolonged boom in new apartment building that has been going on for the past several years. Every part of the city from Dublin to Grandview and from the downtown area and the Short North to Grove City have seen en explosion of new apartment construction.

commercial landscaping services best trees for City Street plantings

How to select the best trees for City Street plantings?

EMI Landscape

There are literally hundreds of tree species available for planting in North America. However, when it comes to streetscapes and plantings, a good arborist will tell you, there are just a dozen or so which are ideal or suitable for the purpose. In the big cities like Chicago and New York, just a few species make up most of the trees planted along the street.

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