Landscape Calendar • April

Plan for April

Services Performed

Calendar - April: Mowing
  • Mowing- Seasonal mowing of all your lawn areas. We evaluate turf by season and adjust mowing heights to promote root growth.

  • Bed Edging– Edge all planting beds and tree rings in lawn areas. Spade or mechanically edge beds for a clean crisp look. Edging also creates a true edge for holding mulch in the bed. We recycle all of our edgings for compost.

  • Pond/Fountain Inspections- Perform water quality treatments and clean ups if necessary after evaluation.

  • Turf & Bed Fertilization (Round 1) – Apply Fertilizer/Weed control/Crabgrass Control.

  • Bed Pre-Emergent weed control- when mulching your property it is important to apply a granular weed barrier prior to mulching that ensures no weed seed germination in the early spring growth cycle. Talk to your EMI sale representative about this service.

  • Bed Weed Control- Weed control in your landscape beds is very important for a clean, well maintained site. Our maintenance crews ensure that your site is weed free during all growing seasons by hand weeding and applications of herbicidal sprays as needed to keep weeds at bay.

Upcoming Items

Calendar - April: Mowing
  • Summer Color – Installation of summer annuals in landscape beds, planters and hanging baskets. Our seasonal color crews are experts in bed preparation and planting of annual color. Our summer displays along with our flower care will produce highlights of color to draw attention to your entry signage, building entrances and leasing centers.

  • Brush Mowing – where areas require less mowing or meadow conditions we mow these areas as needed to provide a consistent look for the season

  • Irrigation System Monitoring – We provide seasonal monitoring of your irrigation systems to be sure that it is running at optimal levels. Depending on your needs we will do a mid-season check or checks and run the system to evaluate coverage, adjust irrigation heads and clock adjustments as needed.

  • Integrated Pest Management – Our IPM practices can bypass the use of pesticides using natural effects. IPM is an ecosystem-based strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests or their damage through a combination of techniques such as biological control, habitat manipulation, modification of cultural practices, and use of resistant varieties.