Mirror Lake Restoration Project

Ohio State University

Columbus, OH

Project Area
Mirror Lake

Finished On

The Mirror Lake District has been a staple of the Ohio State University campus for decades. The restoration project first underwent construction in the fall of 2016 until it was completed and unveiled August 10th, 2018.

The new lake has become much safer by adding sloped edges around the lake instead of the unprotected drop-off edges from the previous build of the lake. These new sloped edges create a more natural look resembling the authentic origins of the lake. The new edges contain natural landscaped beds that include plant life that improve the area by providing for the pollinators of surrounding environment, thus creating a more sustainable landscape than the previous environment.Aquatic plants have also been installed in and around the edges of the slopes and lake perimeter to make the better use of the environment.

The added landscape also creates more seating for students and visitors of the campus a place to relax and enjoy the environment. Numerous benches and seating were added around the lake area, as well as the nearby Browning Amphitheater, which was also renovated during this project. OSU Wi-Fi access was also added to the area to enable students to study and access school materials while relaxing in the area.Renovations were designed to modernize the district’s aspects and increase safety. The renovations aimed to create Mirror Lake a more suitable learning environment for students, and faculty while also preserving the prestige of the campus’ historical landmark.